My Home is Everywhere

By chance of luck, I was able to take Wednesday off from work to head to the coast for a single night. My Aunt Vicky is moving back to France at the end of the month, and I desperately wanted to see her before she left for good. My Dad’s side of the family is from France, so we have roots there and her going back is exciting for the whole family.


After work on Tuesday, Dad and I hopped in the car and we drove during the night to hit the coast at 2am.

When we woke up Wednesday morning, we went straight to Morro Bay to go say Hello to the Pacific Ocean. It was overcast, but still warm and humid. Mom collected rocks she’s going to paint, and we explored around the tide pools.


From there, we made our way to Paso to have lunch with Aunt Vicky. We looked at pictures of the town she’ll be living in, Trainou, and planned for when we can go on and visit her.


Then, it was time for the fair! It was opening night of the California Mid State Fair and Blue Oyster Cult was playing on the free show in the evening. I went into the petting zoo, walked all the art and flower exhibits and saw adorable armadillos!


The concert was great and some of the other people in the crowd were hilarious. Emily, Steve and Opal and Chris were able to meet up with us and join us for the show. Little Opal seemed to have a really good time! 🙂

DSC_0383DSC_0342Photo of the Day

Before I had to leave the fair and leave the Coast, Emily, Chris and I were able to take a ride on the ferris wheel right at the perfect sunset. It was a really fantastic way to end a practically perfect day.


We left at 8:30 in the evening and made it back to the desert at 3am. I had work in the morning, so Thursday was rough but it was all well worth it.
This was a wonderful family trip and I wish it could’ve lasted longer. I can’t wait until my next trip to the Coast. Each time seems to get better and better. ❤



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