4th of July weekend at Rock Creek Lake

Another weekend of some awesome adventures!
Kameron officially moved in on the 28th, and Zoe arrived for a weekend getaway on Saturday the 1st. It was her and Zack’s birthday, and her dad, Todd, drove them up here from the coast in their RV, Ellie May.


We were lucky enough to have made a reservation for the last available spot at East Fork Campground, right below Rock Creek Lake. The whole area had been frozen over until June, so this was one of the first major weekends for the campground.


Everything was green and lush and beautiful. Rock Creek is running hard and fast from the snow melt, and it is COLD! There were several small calm spots in the creek where people could swim and fish or have a picnic under the trees. We’d all take turns walking to the perfect open area and jump in to the river when we got too hot. The water was freezing, and every time I jumped in, I’d swim to the shore in panic with a horrified look on my face (It made Zoe laugh). But still, absolutely well worth it!

Kameron was starting his first day at work on Sunday, so when the crew first arrived, Saturday was for relaxing (and for the boys lol). We hung out at the campsite, drank, made kabobs for dinner and found excitement in the beautiful scenery and each other’s company.

Sunday, I took Zoe out for her first time kayaking and an afternoon of fishing, which she hadn’t done since she was a child. Our time on the kayaks was phenomenal. For never being on a ‘yak before, Zoe was a natural. I will forever be impressed with how quickly she picked it up (immediately) and how much fun we got to have paddling around together.

17It was a gorgeous day on the lake!




13Such a babe 😉

Right before the wind started up, Zoe and I finished kayaking and walked around the shore for some fishing. Dad had already caught his limit for the day, so now it was our turn.

The fishing was spot on! While ‘yaking, we saw plenty of fish jumping and when we got on shore, the fish were biting. We had the best luck on PowerBait Mouse Tails. I hooked several but lost all of them, save for one.

12I named him Ted…

Zoe had the same luck as me and hooked one for herself!


10She named hers Bill…

Once we got back to camp, we found the guys cooling off by the river so Zoe and I packed up a lunch and went out for a picnic with Cyd.


8Nom nom nom

We brought back all 7 of the fish we caught that day for dinner. Todd cleaned and filleted the fish so we could cook it over the campfire. Our fresh kill of the day was delicious!! It was a great dinner and a great way to end the evening.


Both Kam and I had to work on Monday, so the crew headed up to Mammoth to check out the area. I made my way back to the camp once I got off work and met up with everyone after they had went to Tom’s Place for a beer.


We snacked it and made smores Monday evening and I fell asleep under the stars. Of course, I had to have a lot of fun taking some long exposure shots.


Tuesday morning, 4th of July, we all packed up and the crew headed back to the Central Coast, eager for their beds and pets and sea-level altitude. Tonight, I’m simply relaxing and staying away from any entertainment in Mammoth or Bishop. This weekend was plenty excitement for me!

Typing out our adventures doesn’t ever turn out to be as exhilarating to read as it was to experience. These simple joys are ones I wish I could share with more people, because it truly fills me with bliss. It may not sound like much in words, but it’s everything in actions and emotions.

6I love my bestest, Tadleypole ❤


This weekend was a lot more than just a celebration for Independence Day. It was Zoe’s birthday and Zack’s birthday on the first. The first was also my one year anniversary from moving away from the Coast. Kameron has moved out here now, officially as of this weekend. There was a lot to be joyous and thankful about.

My one year of being here passed by quickly, and as I sat around the fire at twilight with some of my best friends in a beautiful, serene place that I get to call home now, I was overwhelmed with gratefulness. These past few days and nights are exactly what I’ve craved, and what I’ve received from moving out here: campfire evenings, stargazing, hikes and wandering in nature, first experiences scratched off our bucket list’s, progress as individuals.

So much has changed, and whether I can say why or not, I know it’s for the best. This change, moving out here, was a forced one, but a blessing, truly. With the dogs, the farm, my friends coming for their own adventures, my job, the landscape and all that is to come, I am so fortunate in so many ways. I am beyond grateful for these days.



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