With the Bestfriend at the Buttermilks


Over the past weekend, Kelso came out to the desert from Fresno to spend a few days adventuring. Our homes are technically 99 miles apart, driveway to driveway, but because Tioga Pass was still closed over the weekend, she had to drive all the way to Tehachapi to get over the mountains and then head North again. It’s a frustrating trek, but she made it and I am so grateful!

She came out Thursday and after I got off work, we drove around the Benton Range by the petroglyphs and explored some of the side roads so we could enjoy the wildflowers under the sunset.


Kelsey specifically requested we go down Chidalgo Canyon Rd, where the pummus rock formations line the dirt road. I took a few wrong turns in our journey, allowing us to find 2 really beautiful fairy meadows, filled with flowers in the middle of sage brush and boulders. They’d be perfect spots for the flow friends to have their sessions!



Friday, after a short morning at work, we packed up the car (that is now back in operation after a stressful stint at the body shop that cancelled my Vegas trip) and headed towards the Buttermilk Boulders.


We made it to the beginning of the Buttermilk land right before 4pm. The car couldn’t make it any further up the roads (I desperately NEED a 4WD!) so we parked and packed up the stuff an hiked to a cute spot we found. Just above the drop off to the creek below us, we found a clearing in the trees and made a fire pit, set up the tent and set off for a hike up the hill. We went all the way there and didn’t even really pay much attention to the Boulders themselves, as there was a lot of people visiting the area as well.


As the sun went down, we made veggie burgers and smores and watched the stars come out. Can anyone tell us: where is the North Star in relation to the big dipper? And, is the big dipper and the little dipper connected? We left the rain fly off the tent and fell asleep to Bonnie snoring and the stars as our view.


The next morning, I lugged Kelso and Bonnie to the Owens Gorge where we walked to the bottom and explored a little bit. In the process, we had our first meeting with Stinging Nettle ever and that was.. interesting. But we had a good, hot hike and were worn out by the end! So we got some pizza in town and went home.



Sunday afternoon, Kelso packed up Bonnie into her car and they both headed back to Fresno. Now I’ve got a bunch of great memories, a new spot to go camping in, and I’m down to 16 dogs.


It was wonderful to spend time with my bestfriend, building campfires and enjoying the wilderness that surrounded us. I’m so lucky to have such a true friend, and one who enjoys all the random stuff I make us embark on. Next adventure: Kelsey’s first time at Shoreline Ampitheater, where we’ll see Dead and Company on June 3rd 🙂



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