Great Things Never Come from Comfort Zones

Life as of late consists of photography, hiking and work. All of which I am exceedingly happy about!


I’ve been working at the Tribe for a month now and so far, the experience has been unique. I feel challenged a lot, because sometimes I really don’t know what I am doing or what is required of me. But I am successful none the less, because I am learning and adapting quickly. I’m excited to be here, in this position, and to be taking all of this in. Overtime, so much of what makes me nervous now will be nothing but muscle memory.

To be challenged in this position is a blessing though. It is a work out for my mind, my intellect, my skills and my will power. I feel energized when I accomplish my tasks and learn something valuable to my daily routine. When I wake up, I don’t fret about having to go into work. Not that I have for most of my jobs since being at the museum, but I can feel myself taking steps on a pathway I didn’t know I had taken and it’s exhilarating.

Thinking about the museum and my past experiences there make me so grateful for that time. It is because of the chance that they took on me then, that I was able to learn and excel to get me here.


Sometimes I wish that internal changes were as visible to the seeing eye as external changes. How obvious would it be to others of how much I’ve expanded? Expanded and grown, morphed and melted down. I am Silver; a precious metal born from the Earth and molded by fire, beaten into the shape that I am, marked by the world around me. What do I look like now?




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