Daily Prompt: Bounty

via Daily Prompt: Bounty

It snowed last night where I live. I’ve never lived in a place that snowed before, so this was a new experience for me. It was a full downpour, covering every visible surface exposed to the sky.

I walked with my Dad down to the end of the driveway to check the road. Little flurries swept past us the whole way. To see the desert floor covered in the cold, fresh powder was exhilarating!

Turning to look back at the mountains behind the house, I was overcome by the sight. There were no mountains that I could see, even though I knew they were only a short distance away. The snowfall had conquered all.

It was white and gray as far as the eye could see, contrasting with the blackness of dark figures that spotted the scenery. Sage brush, juniper trees, and the house were cocooned by the panoply of snowflakes and it was a phenomenal sight.

There is so much beauty to be witnessed. So much bounty from Mother Earth to be enjoyed. What a blessing to not only be there in the midst of so much magic, but also to be able to take in the moment and truly appreciate the wonder of where I am.


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