Ever changing

Change is starting to become a welcomed friend. A new friend, among a few others I’ve made recently. Everything for the last 5 months have felt forced, put upon me. But now I’m getting comfortable in this shifting skin.

The homestead shifts soon, with the roommate leaving just after we ring in the new year. Just as the reality of who we are to each other began to set in in our minds, upheaval. But this is a bright opportunity for her and we won’t be far apart.

So it leaves Dad and I.
And today is the day he retires. Over 30 years busting his ass for other people, 25 of those years of doing so dedicated to making my life as good as it can be. Now he gets to spend his time and energy on the things that make him happiest. I am so proud of my father and am excited to see him enjoy life and relax a little more.

The reality of his retirement is the start of the looming construction that is about to take place on our land. Tree removal leading to land clearing leading to a dog building leading to a second greenhouse. Planting new trees, growing grass, fixing the back patio, laying rock for a driveway, a new front fence. In the coming days, each of these tasks will become our project to do. I will learn so much. And so much more will change.

The end goals remain the same: reconfigure the land, establish our farm, prosper in business. And all the while, we must remember to multitask in enjoy what life has offered to us and love without limits. I have to be patient with winter as I expectantly wait for Spring and what the change in season will bring: new life, in more ways than one.


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