Daily Prompt: Fishing

via Daily Prompt: Fishing

Unsuspectingly, I’ve become much closer with a coworker that when I first met, I assumed we would have little to talk about with each other. But as we’ve been working side by side, her and I have found ourselves in deep, personal conversations where we’re not only learning more about each other, but in my perspective, more about the human spirit and life in general. As of late, these talks of ours have led me to thinking of “touchy subjects” in a different context because I’ve been given the graciousness to look through the eyes of someone else.

Something she told me recently struck a chord of simplicity yet admiration. Her husband, best described as “big and burly”is an avid fisherman and hunter, a definite outdoors man. Someone who loves dirt bike riding, his family and his God. Though I have never met him, his dedication to his beliefs are outstanding, just in the descriptions of him that I get from his wife.

They go fishing often, as much as possible. It’s a big reason why they moved to this area.  And with his love of fishing comes the love of the fish itself. Each time he is successful in catching a fish, he more often than not, let’s the creature go. He feels a bond is formed between them, with the patience of waiting and the fight to get to the finish line.

It was surprising to me, at first, that someone who loves to fish so much would give up the finished product when it’s all said and done. But the action itself means more to him than anything. To be there, enjoying the silence, enjoying the sport, is what he goes for. I think that is a beautiful mindset to have, with everything we choose to spend our time doing.

Whether it be fishing, painting, raising a child, or whatever gives your life enjoyment, the process must be enjoyed as much as what you receive in the end.

**the picture is of me at Convict Lake, California**




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