Daily Prompt: Flee

via Daily Prompt: Flee

There is an importance of escaping.
An art to disappearing.
Skills in skimming under the radar.

When we were born, a mold for our shape had already begun to take place.
Expectations and inspirations from other people bombard our being
and turn us into the us we are now.
To run away from that, if only for a short while, can be a
dream come true,
or a
nightmare turned reality
for some.
It all just depends on what we have perceived so far.

But I think that everyone should try to flee
from who they used to be,
or are,
just to see what else there is,
what else could be.
To escape could mean someone’s destiny,
or maybe someone could run too far.
Either way, we should all learn to try
to flee as peacefully as can be.


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