Daily Prompt: Panoply

via Daily Prompt: Panoply
*not my picture*

My morning commute feels as if I am driving through a work of art, destined to awe all spectators. Like a Mary Poppins chalk drawing, the magic of the mountains pulls me into another world of sorts. There is no limit to the appreciation I feel as I make the drive down Highway 6 every day.

By the time I make it in to Bishop, the sun hasn’t yet risen over the mountains, but the dark blue that held the stars just minutes before begins to pale. The outline of my surroundings come into sight.

I’ll walk into the gas station to grab a soda or a coffee, and then without fail, as I walk out and back to my car, I am stricken by the peaks in front of me.

Looming cliffs decorated with snow display themselves against the brightening skyline in a miraculous panoply. They are a collection in their own existence. And even more so, they take in and enhance the surrounding nature that depends on them: towering trees that make up our woods, freezing cold water that cascades over the rocks to create our brooks, streams and lakes. The mountains make their own weather, giving us cold rain and snow that we get to dance under as they fall and enjoy for the time they stay.

It is true magic, given to us solely by the grace of nature and Mother Earth.

And recently, as I stand in the bitter morning cold and gaze at this magic before me, a bright star or planet sits atop of it all; a small but burning twinkle alone in the sky but accompanied by the spectacular view. It is the last piece of the puzzle, completing the array that takes our breath away.

No photo could do this all justice. Every sense is heightened and enthralled as you stand before them yourself. Your eyes desire to soak in every piece of it, though you never truly could. As the breeze whips around you, sending the chills up your spine, it shakes the trees, the brush and creates a symphony of nature’s wonders. You can smell the fresh dirt, the sharpness of clean air and sage. Your mind can only hope that you will remember every piece of every thing you take in.

I could never ask for anything more in how I start my days.


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