Staying low

via Daily Prompt: Liminal

Once again, I find myself in a liminal state of being, just on the precipice of change.

I’m moving back to morning shifts at my job and I am so incredibly thankful. Being able to get off in the mid-afternoon and have the rest of the day to focus on other projects is a blessing! For the last few weeks, being on the night shift has thrown me for a loop and now I can get back to a proper routine.

Little motions can sometimes make the biggest waves.

On an even bigger plane of liminality, more transitions are to come. With the roommate moving out sooner rather than later, the Spring growing season just a few months away and the ability to explore on a wider scale, I feel like I am on the edge, waiting to jump – again – to new avenues of existence.

I’m working, and as each day passes, I get closer to a better settlement. Not just there yet, but I’m creeping up on those major changes with each second that goes by. I’m working.


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