Daily Prompt: Percolate

via Daily Prompt: Percolate

Unbridled feelings percolate through our daily lives and don’t always conclude in the smoothest of manners.  Like a rushed morning pot of coffee, the end result of the brew can sometimes turn out bitter. Or like the slow erosion of a canyon, where the looming crevice is created out of small destruction’s built up over time. Relationships in our daily lives can hold the same analogy.

I didn’t clean the bathroom floor.

She brought someone to the house without warning.

The dogs are too overwhelming.

There’s always an excuse.

I’m too serious.

She’s too flighty.

We shouldn’t live together.

Bringing her out here was an innocent mistake.

These little instances add up, quicker than we imagine, and before we know it, the pot of coffee is overflowing. The crevice has gotten deeper. We’ve made our marks on each other.


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