Daily Prompt: Fish

via Daily Prompt: Fish

Sitting on the calm waters of Silver Lake in the early morning with the sun rising over the mountains, this may be Heaven. With my Dad in the kayak, a fishing pole for him and a paintbrush for me, I can paint the surrounding scenery and whatever fish he may catch then release. A slight mist forming over the water, and pockets of shade that we paddle through, the area is breathtaking and serene. It is this quiet and calm moment that we’ve worked so hard to be able to enjoy.

We’ll go where the fish go, and enjoy the world around them. The Golden Trout wilderness, the Owens River from Crowley to Lone Pine, Lake Mary, Convict and Rock Creek Lake. Wherever they’re biting, there’s beautiful land to enjoy and trails to walk and mountains to climb and admire. We live where the fish swim freely.


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