Clearing the way

It’s been some time since being able to write about the progress here in my little part of the world. So many little things come together – thought of, planned out, put into reality, edited and molded to work better and then we move on. Even through out all the little steps though, the major process of completion, things have a way of seeming like very little is/has gotten done.

The job search still continues. I’m trying to take a step back from the non-profit sector and find something a little more simple. With my future goals slowly coming into themselves, I don’t want to commit to anything that I may feel obligated to continue with when my attention should be focused on the homestead business. As of now, I have a second interview scheduled for a resort in Bishop and am hoping for the best. It’s a nice, peaceful, beautiful place and as soon as I walked inside, I felt comfortable. So send me your best wishes, as I both need and want this job very much!

One year ago today, I wrote this on Facebook. At the time, I was thinking about moving out here and starting our dreams even sooner, but the plans were unsteady and the goals unclear.

I don’t know if I want to make a drastic change in life, or if I want everything to keep going steadily on the way it’s been.

It’s like I’m at this plateau in my journey up this giant mountain, and I can keep going up on my current path, even though I can’t see what’s waiting for me at the top. Or, I could take a big ass leap into the pool of unknown below me and see where that will lead. Either way, I’m going to end up somewhere amazing.

There’s no turning back; the road behind me disappears with each step forward I take. There’s no stopping either – that’s just not in my nature at all.

Funny thing about chasing your dreams: when you work so hard to make all of this progress, the opportunities open up like flood gates and now I just don’t know what choices to make to best suit my desires.

Now, as I sit here in the house partially completed of us unpacking our entire lives, I am happy with the way things were and how they have progressed since. I made more of an impact in my time in SLO, I kept climbing the mountain and reached the peak. But my time was done and I had to find another trail down, leading me to another jumping off point. I didn’t want to steadily decline, I wanted to jump for my dreams. I’m still falling, and enjoying my time before I hit the surface of something new.

My first solo project on the property has been to clear space for an outdoor yoga area and a meditation garden. I made great lengths in the first week, but have been lacking the ability to muster up the energy to continue with what I can right now. The yoga platform will be basic, made of pallets and press board, but the view is spectacular and everything can be subject to change in the future.

I didn’t think to take a photo from the very beginning so a large portion of what needed to be done is already completed in this picture. I had to remove a rotten wooden fence and numerous fence posts, almost a mile worth of useless hoses, and t-posts and tomato trellises that were scattered everywhere.
But there was still the burn pile that needed to be broken up, many loads of greenwaste to be removed and countless tumbleweeds and thistle-like plants to be dug up.


The second part of the area needing to be cleared out.

Massive piles of old, rusting fencing getting dragged away to the shit pile.


All cleared up, letting the rain birds flatten out and compact the sand and dirt.


I’ve measured an 8 by 12 space for the yoga platform, then will put the pallets down to fit the size I’ve set up, with the press-board on top as my space. In front of the platform will be the meditation garden: a spiral leading to a center point for meditation. The aisle of the spiral will be made up of all my garden statues and special pots & planters for herbs.

There is still so much unused space available for us to take advantage of on the property, it’s all just a matter of clearing up the nature that has reclaimed the area over time. We will, of course, maintain the natural landscape and only remove what little we need to get our projects done. I’m not about the clear the whole plot if there’s no need to. Each decision will be made by thinking of what’s best for everything around us, and not just ourselves.

The more I write, the more I realize there is much more to be said. But I’ll end this post now and save the rest for another post, keeping you guys entertained and/or updated on what life means for me now. 🙂



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