Trials and Triumphs of Travel

Leaving the sanctuary of my home always seems to be a brash wake up call about how uncomfortable I really get in large crowds of people & cars and rushed situations. Entering the quick paced chaos of urban society takes a lot out of me, though it makes me grateful for the home base we have and are continuing to create. Then in the calm moments I have in the flurry of travel, I understand it’s my responsibility to be appreciative for these adventures. I am being tested; I am being blessed; I am being built.

The experiences of stressful situations, adaptation, new sites and a home ground, among so many other aspects of life, is what builds us into the humans we want/need to be. From birth until death, we are constantly evolving because we are living, doing and feeling. We just have to remind ourselves to accept it all with open arms because all of it paints the portrait of our lives.

Expectations are dirty thoughts and in our grand plans and schemes for our futures, expectations get in the way. I find myself expecting that technology will make plans easier; that what is normal here is normal everywhere; and that frustrations won’t be part of every adventure. Call me naive, but I’ve always lived with huge dreams and high expectations.

This trip definitely pushed me to my limits in a lot of ways, and as well, it pushed me to new heights. I’m grateful for the experience as a whole. It makes me want to go out into the world more! I made such a small trip in comparison to the vastness of the world, but it had a big impact.


Virginia was absolutely beautiful! While the heat mixed the humidity was off putting, the East Coast country side is truly magnificent.


We drove from D.C./Baltimore, down to Richmond and cut over to the Lynchburg area before reaching our final destination. We passed through beautiful farm land filled with so many trees, open fields and room to breathe. It was odd not to see any mountains in the background of the scenery at first, until we got closer to the Blue Ridge Mountain range.


While exploring on this trip, I was able to see white tail deer for my first time, as well as black turkeys, lightning bugs and an assortment of really beautiful butterflies. I was hoping to see a hedgehog, but not this time.


One of the best spots we found in the Lynchburg area was the Percival’s Island pathway. We only took it for less than a mile, but it was a gorgeous walk and something I want to complete my next time in town. The main bridge over the James River had a Love Lock display, like the original one in France. Some people really made great effort to keep their love locked in place πŸ™‚


Even though the freeway/roadway system was frustrating and confusing, we started to get the hang of it eventually. A friend had mentioned that the country was building these roads during the time of segregation, and that the numerous roadways with the same names but leading to different places could be from those times where blacks had one road and whites had another. It was a shocking concept to grasp, but she is probably right.


I think my favorite thing about Virginia was the fact that “southern hospitality” was truly a thing there. People were so ridiculously polite almost everywhere we went. It was almost shocking to go through a drive thru or into a gas station and have the clerk ask us how are day has been, smile, say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’, and just overall be so pleasant to everyone who they spoke to. That’s not something that I experience regularly here on the West Coast, which is disappointing.


While we were doing the little bit of exploring that we could before the festival, I had some fun doing research on the lost settlers of Roanoke, which was only 50 miles away from us. The mystery surrounding the history of that specific area is enticing and when we return next year, I am going to make it a point to visit the town itself.

Roanoke Pt. I

Roanoke Pt. II

The states are so much closer together on the East Coast, it is much easier to cross state lines and visit a whole other demographic. I want to see Georgia, North Carolina and eventually head north towards Pennsylvania and Maine. The urge to see everything I can is so strong now since leaving California this last time, I am determined to stay focused on this goal.



Now that I’m back at home, I am beginning the job search so I can get back in with a steady income. My desire for work is a position that is flexible with time but well paying; an organization that I believe in and can be a part of it’s growth; something that I can learn from and expand on; something where I am not tied down to a cubicle and can leave to go breathe the fresh air of adventure. I might not get what I want right away, but I will continue to manifest these dreams and put action to my intentions. I will succeed.

This trip brought a new light to my mind about the importance of living in your fear and rising above it. A big fear of mine is breaking routine. What I wanted when first moving here was to stay connected to my “home” in San Luis Obispo and continue to go back as often as possible. But now, I want to go farther and further leave SLO behind. I don’t mean that in the way that I don’t love it, but in the way that it has given me all that it can. I will continue to love my friends and family immensely and for our connections to always thrive, despite distance. But it has become clear that I will become more of ME by leaving what I know and diving into what I don’t.

I’ll be back in SLO on September 15th and 16th.
Gooby and I are going to Vegas for Halloween to see my sister and my nephew.
I need to go to the Bay Area to go visit Bekkah, hopefully in November.
SLO in December for my birthday/Biba’s birthday.
And definitely going to make a trip or two to SoCal during these times to visit my aunt and grandma, Vivian and Garen.
A trip to Oregon is in the future plans as well – hopefully to see Hope before she jets off somewhere else to live her dream-filled life πŸ™‚ And to see old friends in their new places; Rachel and Ralph, Krystle, Moonie, Brittany and whoever else I can find.
I am GOING to go see Lizzie in KCMO, assuredly. I have already started making plans on how to get to her as soon as I can.
There’s so many other ideas in my head I want to reach for, but I know it will all happen in good time if I keep on the pathway I’m on and stay focused.

Always dreaming. Dreaming big.



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