Feed your body, Feed your soul

Feed them beautiful things. Fill yourself with good food and good friends, words that make you feel and feelings that make you think. Stretch your body and exercise, stretch your mind and open your heart. Paint your world with kindness and paint a canvas with your dreams. Release yourself from the pressure to complete, compete, and let yourself rest. Take time, make time to be good to yourself. This is how you be selfish in the world we live in now.

I am finding my balance in how to be good to myself in all ways possible. Staying on course with my goals leading towards my dreams; diving in to new habits and learning a new form of self respect. This is how I am putting my will power to the test in hopes it, and I, will grow stronger.

Yoga has become the habit that I am trying to build on the most. I’ve been able to keep a routine of 2 days on, 1 day off in practicing and I truly love the way I feel once I’m finished with each video. I’m thankful for my new friend Hope and her confidence in making a Live Video every day of her 30 day yoga challenge – her courage to share her personal journey by inviting anyone to look in on her progress motivates me to work on myself as well. Getting in sync with my body and dedicate to a better use of time.

In the last week, I’ve been busting out paintings almost every day. I finished the painting of Tatiana that I had focused on for a month and that lit a fire in me to get a few more going and done. I don’t think I’ll be able to get back to the ones I’m planning on until after my trip, but I’ve definitely got the inspiration flowing and have more ideas. I’m hoping I’ll find the rest of my pieces in storage so I can finish the pet portrait I started and focus on more of those. That is ideal goal of my artwork – custom pet portraits.

Tatiana muse

Dad and I leave for Virginia on Monday to go to the Lockn Music Festival. We’ll be gone for a week – the longest I’ve been away from the dogs – while Gooby stays here and watches the house. We’re flying in to Washington D.C. and I am excited to explore the city. On Wednesday, there is a gathering in solidarity of the Sioux Tribe against the Dakota Access Pipeline and I hope to attend because I will be in the area. Then on to Virginia to see what awaits us at the festival. It’ll be sooo good to see Phil Lesh play again! 🙂

moons over my bishop

Once we’re back, I’ll focus on finding work. I didn’t want to apply anywhere before this trip so I’ve been holding back, but once we’re home, that is something of great importance for me to accomplish. I don’t need anything extraordinary – something part time with a flexible schedule just so I can have some sort of income again. Once I have that settled, I can trade in my car for something more fitting for this area and hopefully cheaper. I need a steady income again, sooner rather than later.

caitling the compassionate

My personal state of being in limbo should be coming to an end, and I am thankful.

Benton Sunset Painting 1

backyard bird of prey





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