So thankful to Love you all

This weekend was phenomenal and tiring and filled with so much love. I’m grateful beyond words to have the experiences I did, the memories made and the confirmation that I’m heading in the right direction, assuredly. Going back to the Central Coast for the weekend was amazing and so much fun.

Gooby, the Bonster and I left around 1am Friday morning to make the drive back. It went by fast and without any flaws and we made it to the 805 just fine. Goob is staying on the Coast for 2 weeks, so I dropped her off at her parents and then dropped Bonnie off with Kelsey for the weekend.

First thing, besides getting a fountain drink Dr. Pepper at Chalk Mountain Liquor (my second home) was to go back to my last job, Habitat for Humanity ReStore and say Hi to my manager Kailey. I’ve missed her and the job so much and I wish there was a ReStore out here in the Sierras. It was so great to see her and to see the store and grab a few things, like an awesome gate for the outdoor dog pen I built. It was like she was saving it for me – the last piece to the puzzle. Any of my SLO Locals friends reading this – if you need things for art projects, home improvements or just love to find a deal while shopping, please head to the SLO ReStore and go say Hi to Kailey. She’s amazing, the store is awesome and every cent goes to supporting the builds and housing improvements just in the 805. I have to go back every time to visit with Kailey because she is such a phenomenal person!

Friday evening I went to the dog rescue, Meade Canine Rescue, and saw Charlotte and Maureen, 2 of my all time heroes. I met Geraldine Gilliland while there: she is a wonderful supporter to the rescue and has a big vision for helping homeless dogs. It was so nice to be around these 3 badass ladies who have so much compassion and direction to making the world a better place. They have a goat on the property now and he is precious! He acts like a dog so he fits right in. There was a new dog that came with the goat, a little guy with neurological problems named Buckey, and I am considering taking him home. He reminds me so much of my love, Wreniford.
A big thanks goes out to the rescue – Alisha included in this – for sending me off with 4 major bags of dog food to bring home for my pack. It is such a HUGE help and I am so happy and thankful!


Saturday is when the real fun started. I was asked by the lovely Jami Jorgensen to come to her studio and be a model in her art installation she was planning. Pickles and I were the models, Jami envisioned this beautiful idea and made it come to reality, with help from Amber. It was a really magical experience! We had our bodies painted and then using Jami’s homemade props, the installation and the photos from it were a complete success, I think!


Jami is a wonderful person and I’m just going to take this time to gush over her. She was so sweet and hospitable! I brought Jesse and Skyler with me to hangout during the whole process and she let us use her pool while waiting for Pickles to show, she made sure we felt comfortable and were having a good time and was so kind through out the whole thing. Not even going to lie, I have a total friend crush on her and I am so happy I know her and got to work with her on this project. I would love love love to be a part of any and all installations she does again because this was such fun and it was great working with her.

art 1

As well, I got to meet Amber, who helped Jami in the painting of us and in setting up the props. It was so nice to meet someone new on this trip, especially someone like her who is also incredibly talented artistically, like Jami, and equally as kind and generous. I drove Amber home after the shoot – she lives at Last Stage West on HWY 41 – and she showed me around, introduced me to the owner Tom and the other friends living on the property – her husband Tanner and friend Dan. It was so sweet and I will be back at the restaurant every trip into town so if my friends are reading this – it’ll be my new meet up spot every time I come back.

art 2

Later on, I picked up Gooby and we headed to the fair. The sun was setting so it wasn’t so hot and we were really looking forward to some fair food! Emma, Doug, Andy, Corey and Taylor met us there first, then Zoe and Zack came soon after. We got corn dogs, dippin dots, 2 really hot and sweaty photobooth pictures with all the girls crammed in together. We rode the Flipper and Emma didn’t puke – YAY! – but we lost Taylor in the process. Corey paid for a palm reading for me and that was fun and reassuring in a semi-serious kind of way. It was pure chaos most of the night and really, a lot of fun. I was so happy that my friends met me there and put up with the crowds and the craziness to see me. It really meant a lot that they showed up, because I know that money is short, energy can be low, time never seems to be enough and it’s easier to say “Next time” than to actually go, but they did and I am so incredibly thankful 🙂


Sunday morning I was able to meet up with Caitlin after relaxing with the family – My grandma and my aunt were also in town visiting with Mom so we were together all weekend and it was really nice to see them. We go too long in between visits sometimes. Grandma and Aunt Drea brought us all a lot of goodies, like MORE DOG FOOD and some clothes and other cool knickknacks (Thank you again!). Even though we didn’t get to go to the movies like we had planned, getting to see them and spend time with them was terrific and I need to make a trip down to SoCal soon to see them again! Rescue trip/family visit?
Caitlin and I caught up and chatted in Sunken for an hour afterwards. Unfortunately, we never have enough time to hang out together but I love to see her when I can! 🙂  I can’t wait until she comes out here because I know she will love it!

Before I had to get on the road again, Gooby and I made our way to Pirates Cove for one last chance to see some friends. Once again, Emma and Doug as well as Jesse and Skyler  were there (I love you guys so much), Corey and Taylor and Taylor’s little brother Cameron made it too. Cameron swam out to a boat that was in the harbor and that was pretty funny! Kelsey and Ty came with the Bonster and we got to spend some time together, but of course, not enough. Smooty came and hung out, then walked us up to the car as we were leaving, always a gentleman. The beautiful Bella and Wesley showed up with their dogs and hung out. And last minute, I got to see Cheyla and Katrina, the two beauties. I was leaving pretty much as they showed up so I didn’t get to spend any real time with them which makes me sad, but it just means next time I’m in town, I gotta find them right away!

A huge THANK YOU goes to Kelsey for all the good stuff she gave to me this weekend. ALL of the dogs got new collars as well as new tags with my new phone number on them. This was a huge thing I was planning on doing over a long period of time, because 11 all at the same time is a major “investment” lol that I just don’t have the finances for right now. So she covered it. Found a bunch of beautiful collars, got great tags and also sent us home with some great treats (they love the Wonder Nuggets) and another bag of dog food. I can’t thank my partner in crime and best friend enough and I can’t wait until she comes to visit!


And now, Bonnie and I back in the Eastern Sierras. Dad took a sick day today so we could actually see each other for a bit, since it would’ve been 3 weeks by the time he came back next weekend. He leaves tonight and I’ll be here by myself until Friday, when I will head back to the Coast for just a day to go to the rescue real quick and then catch a show in SLO – Los DeVitos!


Thank you to everyone who made it out to see me this weekend! I love you all so much! And to the people I didn’t get to see, I love you all and I hope I get to see you soon! Let’s make plans ❤


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