Though I haven’t given them much of the lime light lately, the dogs have been our first priority since moving here, of course. Most all of them have been adjusting better than expected, save Shaina the troublemaker and Clyde, whose been my little sad boy but seems to be perking up.

For those who don’t know, every single one of my animals are rescued. All of the dogs and both cats. Whether I went and picked them up from the high kill pound myself or if I had to take them to avoid them ending up at the local pound, they are all my rescue babies.

Nicki (left) and Toby (right)

It’s been very important to us to assure that the house isn’t turned into another House of Dog like it was on the Coast. While they’re still rulers of the roost, I’m not going to allow them to destroy the carpets and the furniture. Despite my attempts, most of them are not potty trained and when one goes, the whole pack has to go too.

dogs 1dogs

Our first trip out here during the move, I bought a 16ft indoor baby fence to block the dogs in at a certain area. For the first 3 weeks, they had the whole kitchen for themselves since it’s linoleum and easy to clean.
Gooby was out here by herself for 4 days before I came out for good and during that time, she built a temporary outdoor area for the dogs where they can go out the back door at their leisure and enjoy the sunshine. It was a small fence built out of pallets and even though Shaina could squeeze out of some of the slats, it did a really good job.

all of the dogs

The last few days we’ve been working on getting a more permanent set up for them during the Summer and into Fall. With several t-posts and 3 different kinds of fencing, we were able to make the back area much larger and more secure. With more room outside and it being good weather, I’ve pushed the indoor fence back several feet so they’re only in the back half of the kitchen, giving us more room to eat in peace!

backyard 1backyard

In the long run though, this set up is still only temporary. The first major project that I personally get to create is building a second house for the dogs! We all agreed that if I am to continue rescuing (which OF COURSE I will, forever and ever) they need their own place of residence on the property.
Everything that we build from here on out – permanent greenhouses, the dog building, remodeling the current buildings like the chicken coop and the storage shed/Dad’s man cave and additional animal houses (like for pigs!) – will be made through straw-bale construction. We think it’s the most sustainable for the area with extreme weather conditions and the most environmentally friendly. As well, the consistency of having all of the buildings built from the same material, same design makes for a better re-sale value in case we ever sell the property here.


Before we get the finances to start on that big project though, I will be rescuing another dog! I haven’t for some time now and we’ve lost several in the last year – Lola, Phil, Sparkles, Wren; I MISS MY BABIES!!! – and it’s only right fully initiating ourselves here by adopting another lover to come home.
I am biding my time though, since I will be leaving for over a week in August, I don’t want to bombard Gooby with another new dog too soon. And more importantly, I want to find the right dog. I want another old man and I am going to name him Joshua, AKA Jersh for short, in honor of my friend ❤ I’ve been wanting to do it since we lost Joshua and I’ll be able to soon!

doggy bed time

The dogs are happy and like the new area. I’ll be planting grass seed for them in the next few days, as we don’t have a single blade here as it is right now. But they like the sand because it’s easy on their paws, and there’s lots of new smells and places to explore (while I’m properly supervising). And, of course, there’s no other way than to let them all sleep with me in my room when it’s time for bed. Where would I be without my nightly puppy cuddles and chaos? 🙂

Bonnie and me

Our old gal, Cara

Clyde, eating his own collar

Fiona and Chaquita
Chiquita and Fiona, Mommy and Daughter

Mojo Jojo!

Shaina, the little terror

Violette, the big terror

Earl, Early Bird, my handsome man

Izzy, the abominable (snow)dog. We’ll see how his name actually fits this winter.

My beautiful Scooter, Scooty boy, lounging in the sunshine.


2 thoughts on “#LifeWithElevenDogs

  1. Beautiful Alex! Love reading about your new life. Although, really do miss your presence here in the Central Coast. Will update your phone number in my contacts list. All My Love to you & Your Pack + 2 Kitties 😎

    Liked by 1 person

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