First Day on the Job


Woke up at 5:30a.m. this morning with Dad to get started working on the property. Wanted to wake up a half hour earlier but even still, this was a big change from when I usually get up. It’s just one of the things I will work on when it comes to forming new habits.

Today was an easy start because of the overwhelming amount of work that actually needs to get done on the property. Our land and the surrounding areas is dominated by sage brush and assortments of pine trees and what Gooby calls “shaker trees”, which I don’t know exactly what they are. There’s a lot of dead wood piled everywhere for us to clear and random projects the last owners of the house left behind. There will be lots of trips to the disposal site in my future and a big learning curve when it comes to using power tools!

We began building the greenhouse this morning. 8 ft. high, 12 ft. wide and 24 ft. long. It’s a major task but I’m happy we got such a large site to begin with. Dad leveled a patch of land for us to put it on and I set up the framework. Tomorrow morning, we’ll work on putting on the cover and hopefully it will be finished and we can begin work on transplanting. We’ll end up buying another same greenhouse soon after we’re done with this one and hopefully set up will go even faster. We’re definitely going to need more room for the plans we have for the garden.

Growing in this elevation with the extreme weather changes is also going to be a BIG learning curve that I am excited to become knowledgeable in. Living inland on the Central Coast, it was easy to grow most anything during the Spring/Summer season. Being right next to the Coast allowed me to learn about that climate, and how things don’t freeze so different plants are more adaptable there than inland, such as avocado trees and citrus. Being here in the Eastern Sierras, it’s unpredictable to determine how a random heat wave or overnight frost will effect plants without protection. To begin with, we’ll start most everything in the greenhouses while we learn.

Thankfully, the University of California Cooperative Extension has created and provided the public a Master Gardener Program for Inyo/Mono Counties. Since this is such a particular climate and is a habitat to a variety of plant & animal species, this area is a mecca for environmental and agricultural studies. This Master Gardener Program is a great resource for us! Turns out, most of what we’ve grown successfully on the Central Coast, we can grow here: lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, squash, melons, corn and others. We already have some fruit trees on the property and come the beginning of next year, more fruit trees is something I want to invest in. Apples, peaches, pomegranates, etc.

Once it started heating up, we all got ready to head to Mammoth for their annual 4th of July celebration all weekend. We got lunch and then stayed for the Chihuahua Races. That was a bunch of fun!!! People love their pets in this community and it seems like they take every chance to create something fun to do with their pets while bringing people together. There’s a lot of events and activities in general around here and I’m excited to be able to actually enjoy these things while I’m not working for the time being.

I will have to find a job eventually, if only for a short period of time to balances our finances while we work to find stability through self-sustaining means. Once this first initial week of work is over, I can start making progress on my art and hopefully find a money flow through that avenue. But for now, my job is taking care of the land, the house and the dogs and I am grateful for this time of mental rest but physical work.



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