Here goes nothing..

Last night, Dad and I got into Mono County just before 1am after leaving Atascadero at 5:45. 7 hours almost exactly. The dogs were so excited that we came back after being gone for 4 days. I had to sleep with them on old couch cushions in the kitchen – we’ve got all the little ones segregated in the kitchen area so they don’t destroy the carpets in this house like they did the last house.

A long term goal of being here is building the dogs their own house on the property. Not only to spare our house from turning into a pseudo dog kennel, but so I can take in more hospice dogs and in the future, adoptable dogs for my own rescue. We’re only three months from submitting the first form to the California State in establishing the non-profit. There’s still a lot of time to wait, so we’ll be preparing for the rescue in a more physical way in the time being.

Currently, we’re unpacking. It is absurd how many THINGS we have. Stuff from me, from Dad and what he’s collected from his family through the years, some stuff of Mom’s that got mixed in, and Gooby’s personal belongings. We’re grateful for this opportunity to finally go through everything and get rid of what isn’t necessary or nostalgic. It will be good to use this opportunity to really emphasize a “less is more” lifestyle. The less clutter, the better.

Tonight, Dad is opening up a bottle of champagne he’s been saving for a while now and we’re celebrating the official move. I am here! Gooby is here! Dad will be here at the first of the new year. Even though that is a ways off, the transition has definitely happened and will continue on over the months as we get more established and expectant of Dad’s arrival.

Tomorrow, Dad and I are waking up at 5a.m. and getting started on the garden area. Sunrise is at 5:37 here and I am excited to see it! A personal goal of mine is to get going on a new sleeping schedule. It gets so hot here in the afternoons, it’s not a good time to work outside. Get up early, work in the garden and once it starts to heat up, come inside and work on the house or do art. Go to town early to get errands done on a regular schedule, sleep in the worst heat of the day and then get up again when it starts to cool down in the evening. Work more in the garden, feed the dogs, enjoy the area. Farmer life schedule.

We’ll be setting up the greenhouse in the morning and hopefully do some transplanting into bigger pots. This year’s crop is incredibly important and we need to make sure we have everything set up as best as possible. Our outcome depends on our efforts.

Weather is coming in from the south and looks like some from the north might meet tonight and welcome me with a storm. I hope so!


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